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Current and future ... therapy in HER2+ advanced breastcancer

nnguyen Member Posts: 52

A very informative summary and up-to-date article.

Current and future landscape of targeted therapy in HER2-positive advanced breastcancer: redrawing the lines


  • nkb
    nkb Member Posts: 1,561
    edited February 2022

    thank you for this interesting article. and others you have posted

  • nnguyen
    nnguyen Member Posts: 52
    edited February 2022

    You're welcome. I have been posting lots of her2+ articles on the site "" section "articles of interest".

    This site "" is better but I got used to the other site. Whenever it looks like I need to narrow down next treatment choice for my wife, I post articles that could be of help to others there.


  • olma61
    olma61 Member Posts: 1,016
    edited February 2022

    yes, I also want to thank you for your posts. These articles are great, extremely helpful.

    I haven’t been able to access HER2 for a long time. Right now, I got a server could not be found message. I never was able to post there, but it was good to be able to read there