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PS appointment today. One and done!

wondering44 Member Posts: 261
edited February 2022 in Breast Reconstruction

I met with my PS today to plan reconstruction. He does not want to remove the existing implant due to rads, and he said it could cause too much tissue damage that may not be repairable. He will do fat grafting to fill it up. He said not enough in the tummy area, so he would have to pull from my tummy and thighs. He's going to redo my tummy tuck to repair the hernia found on CT last year. I am happy to know it should be a "one and done" surgery!

He said he would remove my existing saline implant and change it to a silicone implant. Just not for a long, long time due to rads.

I am glad that he made me wait to do any reconstruction to allow my body to heal correctly to prevent multiple surgeries.

So for now, one and done!!!