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Both HER2+ and HER2-

lunar3 Member Posts: 9

Hello everyone!

I just received news that I have been taken off my clinical trial that was due to start soon, as the trial lab tested the segment of my tumor as HER2-, whereas my cancer center lab tested it as HER2+. Both labs designated it ER/PR+ still. I am really confused and it's difficult to find information on having both, which is what my oncologist thinks is the case. She is thinking that some of the cancer cells are HER2+ and others are HER2-. She said this is a first for them, but not totally unusual. They took blood today to see if HER2+ markers show up there, but she said another biopsy is possible as well. Mine has mets in my lymph nodes, liver, and bones. I was diagnosed in December at age 31 and am a little over a month in treatment using Paclitaxel, Herceptin, and Perjeta, and Xgeva. Does anyone know anything about having both HER2+ and HER2- breast cancer at the same time? Thanks y'all!