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Found 3 *new* lumps, swollen lymph node

Shannon412 Member Posts: 15
edited March 2022 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

I'm going to try to give as much context as I can. I'm a 28 year old female. In November of 2021 I had a mammogram and diagnostic ultrasound on my right breast after finding 2 lumps. They confirmed the lumps at the appointment and the radiologist gave the recommendation to return in 6 months (May 2022) to see if there were any changes and stated since I didn't have any prior scans to compare to, that waiting the 6 months would be best. He didn't want to biopsy yet because they two lumps were positioned on my implant and if they were cysts he didn't want to risk harming my implant just for them to go away on their own. So I went about my life and kept myself distracted. Fast forward around January 2022 I noticed the original 2 lumps were getting harder and slightly bigger. I also noticed the beginning of a new lump forming from my right breast but more on my chest between my cleavage. This grew pretty quickly and it's noticeable to the eye without me pointing it out. It's painless but growing. I also noticed a new lump poking out close to one of the original ones. I called my doctor as she stated if there were any changes to let them know. She had me come in the next morning and scheduled and early mammo and ultrasound. My appointment was yesterday where a lymph node in my armpit of the affected breast was found swollen and tender, they also confirmed the two news ones and an additional one I didn't know about. I saw them on the screen and to me showed undefined edges on all but one. They confirmed the 2 original ones had grown. The radiologist came in and made a comment about me not having implants… it was an immediate red flag and he went on to downplay and excused everything they saw on the ultrasound. Dismissed my strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer, dismissed that I had lost almost 10 pounds just since November unexplained and the middle back pain I've been having on the side of the affected breast. Said they would see me again in 6 months to see how everything looked and then left the room. When I corrected him about having implants the ultrasound tech had to pull up one of the ultrasounds on her computer to show him. So in the 4 minutes he was to be looking at my scans prior to talking to me he completely missed that I had implants. I left the appointment and called my aunt who just had breast cancer a few years ago and she sounded the alarm that he didn't sound qualified at all based off of what I told her and is urging me to get a second opinion. If anyone can share any insight or advice please please do. I haven't let myself stress yet about this until now after my scans yesterday. I feel very uneasy and have more questions now than I did before.

update 3-25

So I found what I'm pretty sure is another swollen lymph node under my collarbone, same side as everything else. I went to the doctor today and weigh ONLY 110. I've lost 11 pounds since October despite trying to gain weight. Haven't weighed this since highschool. My doctor called me a few minutes ago and is referring me to a general surgeon now after seeing the updated scans.


  • piperkay
    piperkay Member Posts: 129

    Hi Shannon412, Sounds to me like you should definitely seek a second opinion if only because you don't trust that the information you are getting is accurate and you feel that the doctor was not paying enough attention to your concerns. These two things are critical to getting the best outcome you can, whether these lumps turn out to be benign or not. What you will find here on these boards is one voice saying that we are each our own best advocates, and that we must use our voices out loud! I'm sure you will hear from more insight and advice in this forum than I can provide, so keep coming back here. Wishing you well in all ways, Anne.

  • Shannon412
    Shannon412 Member Posts: 15

    thank you so much! Definitely going to push for a second opinion!

  • wondering44
    wondering44 Member Posts: 247


    Seek out a second opinion. While you wait, you can request the imaging from prior appointments to get re-reviewed (should be at no cost to you). That should get an additional radiologist to re-check the images.

    I hope you get additional information and peace of mind. sending warm thoughts your way.

  • Shannon412
    Shannon412 Member Posts: 15

    definitely going to, I’ve called today but they do not have them ready yet with the second radiologist report of them. Should be tomorrow or early next week and I’m going to get all of them out on a CD. My aunt knows a great doctor in Winter Park and she’s going to have him look over the scans as well

  • rrobin0200
    rrobin0200 Member Posts: 76

    be a strong advocate for yourself… seek out a second opinion. Wishing you the very best

  • serendipity09
    serendipity09 Member Posts: 761

    I agree with the others, get a 2nd opinion and definitely keep advocating for yourself. You know your body better than anybody else. Hoping for the best!

  • jons_girl
    jons_girl Member Posts: 433

    I would demand a mri. No that radiologist doesn’t sound like he knew much at all. Definitely ask for a mri. Keep us posted if you have time. We are here for support.