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Taxotere/Carboplatin/Herceptin and Permanent Partial Alopecia


Would anyone here have been through the TCH regimen for HER2+ and also not had their hair come back normally? Any feedback on what you have tried, if so, and how it did or didn't help?

I knew going in that a tiny percentage of women never get any hair back after Taxotere. And a small but more significant percentage end up with permanent thinning along the lines of male pattern baldness. I didn't think it would be me- I had hair so thick, multiple hairdressers told me they'd never worked with anything like it. Now, I have what I call 'bird floof.' If you see me from the front you might not notice much beyond my hair being quite thin. On top and along one part, though, it's almost non-existent. I tell myself it's a small price to pay for existence, but it's rough to know I might never *not* see my skull again, and that I have less hair than my gram had in her 80s when I'm 'only' 59.

I'm going to see a dermatologist next week. I've heard about the plasma 'shots' in the scalp that might help. I've heard oral minoxidil might be of assistance and also help with my very moderate high blood pressure. I've heard steroids might be of use- my least favorite idea of the options that have been mentioned.

Looking for feedback on what's been tried, and what the ups/downs are.


  • jullyn
    jullyn Member Posts: 40
    edited March 2022

    I had TCHP with my last treatment in December. I am still on H&P and mine is slowly coming back. I noticed baldness in the back at first but it is filling in.

  • moominmamma
    moominmamma Member Posts: 35
    edited March 2022

    I had TCH in 2012/13. While my hair grew back, I developed a receding hairline and thinness on top. Very distressing. I joined a class action against the makers of Taxotere for failure to warn of this possibility at the time I was treated. We "lost", no class certified. In any event I now have MBC, and my hair is thinner and thinner from hormone and targeted treatment.

  • abbyrhodes3
    abbyrhodes3 Member Posts: 30
    edited March 2022

    @jullyn - I'm glad yours is filling in for you. My problem is that what I do have coming back is exceedingly thin. I think I'll have to evaluate treatments or accept that a wig might be best. Will see.

    @moominmamma - Sorry your case failed. Especially back then- I don't think anyone had any idea of the potential for hair loss. I didn't go in blind, but was surprised to learn that a fairly high percentage of people don't get their usual hair back after chemo. I hope your treatment is going well and will continue to!