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What just happend?

I was diagnosed with Invasive lobular carcinoma that metastasized to the lymph nodes eight months ago. I was scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy with nipple sparing reconstruction placement of expanders same day and follow up surgery placing silicone implants surrounded by fatty tissues from my belly. It was agreed to by everyone in my care team including my plastic surgeon where I signed all of the paperwork to move forward. Only one day before my surgery was to take place I received a call from my surgeon out of concern for my aftercare because I am homeless. I told her that I had care set in place and not to worry , I gave her the telephone number of whom was caring for me . She then wanted me to agree and move forward with a different surgery due to the fact that I was homeless. That surgery was to only remove one breast completely and to have no reconstruction. I would not agree to that so she canceled my surgery and withdrew from being my care provider. I have received no treatment in eight months and I feel very disappointed and that I am at a higher risk after the time that has lapsed . what do I do now? I am very offended and am having issues with trust all the sudden.


  • exbrnxgrl
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    I’m sorry you find yourself in this situation. I actually think it’s a blessing that your surgeon cut you loose because she appears to lack a quality I find essential in medical professionals; compassion! That being said, it is important that you move forward with your care. I have no advice nor personal experience to offer but a good place to start might be with your hospital’s social workers or cancer orgs such as the American Cancer Society. It’s likely that they have experience with serving medical needs for those who are homeless. Take good care.

  • alicebastable
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    Most teaching hospitals, and/or those with a religious affiliation, have clinics and full care based on a person's ability to pay. I used it for my pre-natal care and delivery, and that doctor was one of the best I've ever had.