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Breast Cancer Index outside of the US

smoki Member Posts: 4

I just finished five years of Tamoxifen and would like to get the BCI (Breast Cancer Index) test done... but I live in Canada. The company (Biotheranostics) will only accept referrals from a US doctor. No longer taking Tamoxifen is stressing me out, but Tamoxifen was causing some not-so-good side effects so I don't want to go back `just in case'. My MO discharged me into the care of a nurse and my family doctor more than a year ago, so I can't ask her :-( My family doctor thinks it's a good idea.

Has anyone been successful with obtaining this test outside of the US?


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    Hi smok! Welcome to! We're so glad you've joined us and hope you find this community to be a helpful and supportive place. We're sorry we can't really help you with your question... If you wish, you can post your question in the Canadians Affected by Breast Cancer forum too. You'll find different threads depending on your local area, or you may want to start your own new topic. Let us know if you need help with that.

    Good luck! We look forward to hearing more from you soon!
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    smoki Member Posts: 4
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    Thanks for pointing out that forum! (I'm going to head there right now.)