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"I Could Get Hit By A Bus" Comments



  • sadiesservant
    sadiesservant Member Posts: 1,875

    Sf-Cakes, the comment about the CT scan radiation made me choke. 🙄 Good grief. I’m sure I glow in the dark at this point. I’ve joked that I don’t need to buy a Christmas tree. I can just stand in the corner and twinkle!

    Dancemom, I hate the idea of that damned bell… Even finishing radiation is completely meaningless as I know it’s just a matter of time before I need something else zapped.

    It’s interesting that sometimes even my oncologist, who I think is awesome, doesn’t get it. He made a comment when I was describing a symptom related to my liver mets about that being no good as you need to be able to forget about cancer. Um… earth to doc… I NEVER forget about cancer. How the heck can I when, as Sf-Cakes noted, I have appointments up the wazoo. Yesterday was a good example, oncologist calls about results of the MRI. While I’m speaking to her the pain clinic calls - managed to accidentally hang up on oncologist. Oops. Then, while trying to deal with garden stuff, clinic assistant calls to ask about where to send prescription. She calls back 30 minutes later with an appointment to talk to my RO. Finally make it into the garden and pain clinic calls back - long call explaining the latest. Manage to move the plant which was the “task of the day” and then rush to the pharmacy before it closes. Geez… being a cancer patient is exhausting!