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Lobular Oncologists in the Dallas Area

terrynw Member Posts: 3

Hi there,

First time posting but been lurking for the past 5 years since my diagnosis. We are moving to the Dallas area (East of Dallas) and looking for an oncologist or a clinic for my lifetime treatment. MD Anderson doesn't have any location in Dallas, odd. And they don't have any referral to a cancer center either. And my oncologist doesn't know any either in Dallas. Thanks in advance!


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,286

    Hi terrynw,

    We're so glad you decided to post after being a member for so long!

    Have you tried this resource: Texas Oncology: Finding a Cancer Center or Physician in Dallas

    Hopefully someone here will weigh in with some experience also, but thought we would try and help get you started somewhere!

    We hope this helps!

    --The Mods

  • terrynw
    terrynw Member Posts: 3

    Thank you for this resource!

  • tangandchris
    tangandchris Member Posts: 934

    Hi Terry....I don't have any answers but I too live East of Dallas. Have you tried UTSW?

  • terrynw
    terrynw Member Posts: 3

    No I haven't checked UTSW. I just need to find the right oncologist.

  • fredntan
    fredntan Member Posts: 237


    Did you move to Dallas yet??

    I was looking for a thread on pain....and saw your post..

    I'm in Arlington.....

    I don't think there is a lobular specific oncologist here...

    But there is a lady doc in Dallas....forgot her name....oh it's O shawnesy! I've never been to her....I here she is great...

    Texas in my opinion is not a state that allows adequate pain control.

    There is no palliative care essentialy....

    My pain doc I've been seeing just made me go 5 weeks between my appt....not sure if this will be permanent....

    Texas does not allow Marijuana....we have a compsinoate use only allows up to less than 1%thc...honestly it's very costly to even get a script I gave up on that