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Called back after 1st Mammo and worried

jdb12345 Member Posts: 1

Hello, just had my first mammo and was called back for mass found, BIRAD 0. No description of the mass was given and I am surprised by this. Is this favorable or not? I have to wait 3 weeks for a follow up ultrasound and potential 2nd mammo.


BI-RADS: 0 - Need Additional Imaging Evaluation
Left breast mass 10:00 location 6 cm from the nipple.

Recommend ultrasound of the left breast. Diagnostic mammogram as clinically warranted.

The patient will be contacted for the additional imaging.

Using breast density assessment and available personal and family history, remaining lifetime risk of breast cancer calculated using the Tyrer-Cuzick (IBIS) v8 model is 26.22%, compared to 12.89% for the average women her age.




HISTORY: Screening

TECHNIQUE: Digital technique was utilized. CAD analysis was performed and utilized interpretation of this mammogram. Routine screening views of the breasts obtained including CC and MLO. 3D tomosynthesis views were also obtained.

There are scattered areas of fibroglandular density.

There is a mass in the LEFT breast 10:00 location 6 cm from the nipple. Further workup is indicated. No suspicious masses, calcifications or architectural distortion in the contralateral breast.


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    Dear jdb12345,

    Welcome to the BCO community. We are sorry that these questions have brought you here but we are glad that you reached out for some help and information. Here is a link to a topic that provides resources and information to common imaging questions and concerns. You might find some answers there. We hope that others will offer their experience as well. Let us know if we can offer further assistance.

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  • rah2464
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    Jdb well isn't that a kick in the pants to get a callback on the first one? Callbacks are common because your radiologist is being thorough and careful. The birads rating of 0 just means we want another look because imaging wasn't clear enough. It may have been how you were positioned or your breast density obscuring the view. Try not to worry too much although I know that can be impossible when you want an answer right now. I am sorry there is a wait for the diagnostic ultrasound. Please let us know how things go and don't hesitate to reach out to this community if you just need to vent.

  • mle42
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    it is SUPER common to get called back for additional imaging after a first mammogram, because there are no baseline images yet to compare to. BIRADS 0 is the lowest/least suspicious category possible. I know it’s nerve wracking to have to wait and go back in, but hopefully you can take some reassurance from that.