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Bloodwork inflammatory response - precursor to recurrence?

I've been having random progressive muscle, joint, nerve pains, stiffness and inability to move. Started with upper arm pains and couldn't even lift covers off with biceps not cooperating. Foot neuropathy came back. Hands went from healthy to like carpel tunnel, can't hold hair brush or make a fist and fingers feel like glass shards. I also cannot breathe deeply without a coughing fit. My doctors are trying to diagnose. It all started 10 days after covid vax booster, so could be related. Right now they are thinking it is polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) (though I'm younger than this typically happens). Ruled out RA and a bunch of others. But cancer recurrence is possible. As we are working our way through tests, my latest bloodwork showed multiple inflammation markers in the high zone appearing in the last 2 mos since my last blood test. My platelets are very high. Neutrophils high and neutrophil ratio high too. WBC count high. ESR high, CRP high. I'm wondering a few things. I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this sort of thing before finding out Mets. I'm also wondering if the inflammatory markers precede recurrence. I know that if inflammatory markers are high at time of diagnosis, it's bad news for prognosis, but I'm not sure if it is a precursor. Even if it is not cancer now, I'm very afraid that the systemic inflammation from whatever I have will provide the perfect environment for C to return. I appreciate any intel


  • SerenitySTAT
    SerenitySTAT Member Posts: 3,534

    My eosinophil count (not ESR) was high only when I had a severe skin reaction from my first Moderna shot (with other contributing factors). My other counts have been normal or below normal due to Ibrance.

    How long have you had these new symptoms? Have you had any imaging?

    I hope your symptoms improve soon. My rash did take months to heal even with treatment.

    ETA - corrected blood component tested

  • mswife
    mswife Member Posts: 53

    this does sound a lot like PMR - total body 'hit by a truck' pain especially in shoulder/hip girdles, elevated esr and crp, and new onset carpal tunnel symptoms. Not sure how old you are but typically found in those 50+.

    Have you tried steroid therapy yet? symptoms resolving within 24 hrs is pretty much diagnostic.

    Please keep us updated

  • morwenna
    morwenna Member Posts: 204

    I would be highly suspicious of an inflammatory response from your Covid shot. Sorry you are going through this.

    I don't think think it sounds like a cancer response.

    I'm not a doctor though, so I just wish you all the best and hopefully it's something that can be treated and/or will fizzle out and you'll be well again.

  • formydaughter
    formydaughter Member Posts: 121

    Thank you all. They started me on prednisone. Not having impact. Wondering if 20 Mg dose isn’t enough or if this means it is something else. My oncologist has stopped doing cancer markers on me at this point and said that if I do get a recurrence it would be automatically metastasis and doing markers or PET scans would only give me months of worry before we could actively do anything about it. So today, he suggested that I continue with rheumatology diagnosis because that’s what it looks like. It’s crazy that the rheumatologists around here have a six month wait. Thankfully my DO, oncologist and neurologist are working together on this. They’ve eliminated all systemic infection sources that could be causing this bacterial and fungal. Today I found out I tested positive for ANA which is typically associated with lupus though not necessarily indicative of lupus. Lupus wouldn’t make sense to me based upon my symptoms (and lack thereof) but I’m beginning to think that I might end up being classified in the group of unspecified auto immune diseases that are not classified due to mixed symptoms. My research shows that it seems that they’re categorizing those as an auto immune ‘phenomena’ when it is associated with Covid or the Covid VAX. Thank you for your support. It means a lot

  • SerenitySTAT
    SerenitySTAT Member Posts: 3,534

    Sorry that prednisone isn’t helping. I have a SIL with lupus. Prednisone is her go-to med.

    Yesterday I had some awful lower back spasms. I have a history of severe sciatica, but it’s been over a year that I had any pain. It only lasted a few hours, but it was enough to trigger some new neuropathy in my foot. I had to dig out some muscle relaxant and came across a bottle of vitamin B12. Could your neuropathy come from a B12 deficiency? That can be triggered by several things like diet, medicine, or a disorder. Just a thought.

    I can handle fatigue, but pain is worse.

  • formydaughter
    formydaughter Member Posts: 121

    B12 checks out fine. Good idea though. I was low in Jan but got my old bottle back out. I’m so reluctant to want supplements after being over-pilled during treatment, you know? But I’m back on magnesium and multi-B, as well as turmeric given the new inflammation. haven’t yet found a fish oil omega supplement that doesn’t make me gag. Anyone have a good recommendation

  • wallycat
    wallycat Member Posts: 1,105

    I'm seeing this through my own lens. I have absolutely zero symptoms and my (so far) benign condition was found incidentally. Can your doctors order a SPEP test to see if you have an M-spike. It may be the beginning of MGUS. Some have symptoms, and like myself, some have zero idea they even developed it. Hope you feel better soon.

  • ceanna
    ceanna Member Posts: 3,120

    formydaughter, there can be an inflamatory response to any vaccine and I know many who have had increases in arthritis and things like gout. I've tried to do a little research and you might want to talk with your doctors about COX1 and COX2 inhibitors, and taking an anti-inflamatory that works on COX2 like Meloxicam.

  • formydaughter
    formydaughter Member Posts: 121

    Well they increased prednisone and I feel a bit better but not a night and day shift. Wallycat, so sorry that happened to you. I’m young for PMR - just 49. But they do say chemo ages your body by 10 yrs.