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Lump on chest

I was doing my monthly check around my collarbone and such like I do every month. I never stopped this even after my treatment. However, this time I was in the shower checking and I noticed a small knot/lump in the upper inside of my right chest. I also have an enlarged lymph node that has been watched for two years near this area. Could this be scar tissue from the DIEP or has it come back? Anyone dealt with anything similar?
I called my GYN but they cannot get me in until the end of June and sent me to my primary…she referred me back to my Onco. I just had my telehealth with him Friday…SM


  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605

    It could be a lot of things! I'd make another appointment with your oncologist. Doesn't matter that you just had one, they need to know when something suspicious pops up! Hopefully it turns out to be nothing.
  • bookworm14
    bookworm14 Member Posts: 71


    I called and they are fitting me in tomorrow. Hoping it is just some scar tissue or inflamed muscle or tendon. Pretty much anything but cancer. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.

  • cathy67
    cathy67 Member Posts: 409


    It is good to get the appt so quickly, I pray it will just turn out nothing.

  • bookworm14
    bookworm14 Member Posts: 71


    Thank you. Hoping to get an all clear. They already set me up with an ultrasound and possible biopsy for Tuesday.

  • purplecat
    purplecat Member Posts: 222

    I hope it turns out to be scar tissue, bookworm! I'm going through a similar thing right now, waiting for biopsy after imaging on a new area of thickening/lumpiness. So far the consensus is that it's likely scar tissue, but it's hard not to worry. Hang in there!

  • bookworm14
    bookworm14 Member Posts: 71


    Hoping for good news for you! Luckily my Onco pushed for me to get seen soon. I have the ultrasound Tuesday and if a biopsy is needed then they will do it right then. Thanks for responding