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Subtle enhancement on good side -- any similar stories?


Hello. I tried posting this before but it did not work, so I apologize if this is a repeat.

My wife just finished up chemotherapy and radiation about six months ago for recurrent localized breast cancer.

She recently had her six month mammogram for the good side. Initial radiology report said that everything looked clear. Today we got a call from the doctor saying there is slight subtle nonmass linear enhancement in her good side and that she needs to do an MRI, and possible biopsy if warranted.

I know that she has to do all these things before we know for sure, but I wanted to know if anyone went through the same thing and it ended up being benign. Her prior MRI report shows some background parenchymal enhancement but was shown to be benign. That MRI was just updated to show a nonmass linear enhancement. I am trying not to worry, but it has been a lot for us these last few months and years. And we have a five year old daughter.

Could the mammogram be showing a false positive?


  • dres123
    dres123 Member Posts: 45
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    For posterity --

    Radiologists can be extra careful. The enhancement seen in my wife's previous MRI was gone during this MRI. As hard as it is not to get ahead of ourselves, it's a good reminder.

  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
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    Mammograms show odd things that require follow-ups all the time. It's very common. Obviously with a history of cancer they will be even more cautious. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing!