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22 Year DCIS Survivor-Just diagnosed with IDC


***Uodate*** I saw breast surgeon and oncologist Tuesday. Clinical stage is 1A which is great although I realize this could change. I'm going for genetic testing next week, waiting for MRI on both breasts, then surgery in mid June. Right now, I have to have mastectomy on left breast as I cannot have radiation again. I may or may not need chemo depending if lymph nodes positive then definitely, if lymph nodes negative then will depend on Oncotype. Then 5 to 10 years of AI. If my genetic testing comes back positive then double mastectomy or if anything else shows on MRI. Been an exhausting week,telling a few more people. I'm an only parent to an amazing teenage daughter who happens to have Down syndrome and work full time, but luckily I work from home.

Well, here I go for round 2. Found out I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Grade 2, ER 3+, Pr 3+, HER 2 neg, Ki67 is 20%, P63 negative, Ecad positive

Already got a call from surgeon and go next week.


  • hlya
    hlya Member Posts: 29
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    hi, bluegirl27: Just hang in there! Beat it again.

  • bluegirl27
    bluegirl27 Member Posts: 28
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    I posted an update in my main post.

  • cathy67
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    Definitely I pray for node negative for you, however if 1 to 3 positive nodes, you are still eligible for oncotype dx to determine chemo benefit. Please look at oncotype website, they already got trial data, and insurance will cover, and I think nccn guideline also includes. If I were you, I would ask that question and I asked that question in year 2019, it turned out super low score, totally changed chemo planning.

    I am sorry to hear, after 22 years, radiation still cannot re-do.

    Always think of you.