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Keytruda q3 wks and now elevated liver enzymes

KoolAid911 Member Posts: 1

I went through all the chemo for tnbc and finished in Nov 2021. Got the PCR and had a lumpectomy in Dec. Radiation for 20 sessions just to be safe. I started with Keytruda when I was on taxol/carbo and have continued Keytruda every three after surgery.

My enzymes were slightly elevated last time but I still got the Keytruda infusion. Had a liver ultrasound in-between to be safe and completely fine. Went for my next Keytruda today and liver enzymes slightly higher. Has this happened to anyone? We skipped today and will recheck in three weeks.

I have been drinking alcohol again. And my MD suggested to stop completely for the next three weeks to see if it changes anything.

Has this happened to anyone? I am like 7-8 months into Keytruda.