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CTdna positive results anyone?


Hi all,

I'm just over 5 years out from a diagnosis of ER/PR+ Her2- stage III breast cancer . I did alllllll the treatment options back in the day and have been on hormone therapy (OS+letrozole) ever since. Recently I decided to do the fairly new circulating tumor DNA test to potentially take part in a clinical trial and it came back positive. My understanding is that this could mean I have an active tumor or it could just mean the tumor's DNA has stayed in my bloodstream which puts me at a very high risk or recurrence. I'm having scans done on Thursday and pending those outcomes, we'll see what we do next. If there aren't any signs of metastasis, I'll either go on the trial which is a combo of Ibrance and a drug called Fulvestra (sp?) or if I don't get randomized into the drug arm, I'll quit the trial and do a combo of a drug called Verzinio and Fulvestra. Has anyone else gone through this? The trial is called DARE but my understanding is the ctDNA test is available outside of the trial. Would love to hear others' experiences with the ctDNA test OR these drugs.

Thanks in advance. I'm sad to be back in this community, but thankful it's here.