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2nd Mammogram (but 1st w this doctor) - received a callback.

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I am 29. No BRCA genes, but a chek2 mutation. It is considered "pathogenic" but it is the one of least concern. My mother had breast cancer, and her mother did as well. I was part of Fox Chase Cancer center and my geneticists there recommended to start screening at age 31, 10 years before my moms diagnosis. I joined City of Hope here but had a different insurance and my insurance did not cover mammograms (high deductible). They recommended I start then, at age 28. I decided to wait until now, when I am 29.

I had my first mammogram in 2019 at age 26. Nothing unusual, just very dense breasts. I thought I had felt a bump but there was none.

This year, I had my primary write me a mammogram, and she did tell me if they call me back don't worry because they call people back a lot of first time mammograms. But, I got a call back. And of course, I have been freaking out. They found focal asymmetry and just asymmetry. The only difference from now to 2019 is I stopped my birth control and have a non hormonal IUD. My breasts have grown a bit since stopping the pill, surprisingly.

Anyways...I am just super scared. Is this bad? I am so upset with myself for not doing a mammogram in 2020 and 2021, but I chose to listen to the advice of my first cancer prevention team. The cost was a concern of course, but if I am like spend 1k and be cancer free...I would easily choose spending my money. But again. I was not even supposed to start screening until 31.

Here are the results:

TECHNIQUE: Bilateral digital mammography was performed with tomosynthesis. The
following views were obtained: bilateral craniocaudal, bilateral mediolateral oblique. CAD
aided in the interpretation of the images.

COMPARISON: No prior studies available for comparison.


The breasts are heterogeneously dense, which may obscure small masses.
There is a focal asymmetry in the upper outer left breast at posterior depth.
There is an asymmetry in the central region of the left breast seen on the MLO view
at posterior depth.
No suspicious mass lesions, architectural distortion, or suspicious clustered
calcifications are seen in the right breast.
There is a right nipple piercing.


1. Focal asymmetry in the upper outer left breast is incompletely evaluated.
Additional views and ultrasound are recommended.
2. Asymmetry in the central region of the left breast seen on the MLO view is
incompletely evaluated. Additional views and ultrasound are recommended.
3. No mammographic evidence of malignancy in the right breast.
4. If possible, the patient's prior mammogram(s) should be obtained for review and



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    Dear lunaboro,

    We are so sorry that these concerns have brought you here. Here is a link to Common Questions about Imaging that might be helpful to you.

    The Mods

  • alicebastable
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    All it basically says is you need a re-do on one breast. Perfectly common, especially if they don't have prior records on you. It's usually a fold of skin that caused the asymmetry.

  • janewhite
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    Callbacks happen a LOT, especially in younger women because we are more likely to have dense breasts. They didn't see anything wrong, really, but they want another look because there were parts of the breast the radiologist couldn't see very well.

  • lunaboro
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    Thank you for the response and positivity. I suppose my family history / no prior asymmetry is what has be concerned.