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Question for those post Arimidex therapy.

cbk Member Posts: 323

I'm curious of those that stopped Anastrozole after 5 years that had significant side effects while on drug. How long did it take for symptoms to dissipate/ or did some remain?


  • homemom
    homemom Member Posts: 830
    edited June 2022

    I've been on it for 7.5 years and am contemplating stopping. My hair has thinned and want to know if those who had that side affect, experienced their hair improving after stopping.

  • chemicalworld
    chemicalworld Member Posts: 48
    edited September 2022

    I am not sure what the significant threshold is for this drug but I did have a lot of side-effects on it.

    Just stopped taking this less than a week ago after around 11 years on Tamoxifen, and in more recent years Arimidex. I def had a harder time on Arimidex, but also was taking Lupron shots with it.

    Hope it's ok to bump the thread as I'd also like to hear from others as I move forward. One major difference in the week so far is major fatigue, which I am surprised by. I had fatigue on the AI, along with the joint issues, all the hormonal stuff, headaches etc etc etc. I had thought I'd have LESS fatigue once I stopped. Have been off Lupron since August. Maybe it's just my body finally getting a rest.

  • meow13
    meow13 Member Posts: 1,363
    edited September 2022

    I still have some achey joints my ankles, hip and finger joints. I have a trigger finger. In hindsight I would not have done hormone therapy. There is not much data that progesterone negative cancers benefit even though strongly er positive. The drug aged me considerably.