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Black & Hispanic Women May Have Higher Risk of Lymphedema

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Black and Hispanic Women May Have Higher Risk of Lymphedema
June 15, 2022

Among women who had breast cancer surgery and axillary lymph node dissection, Black and Hispanic women were more likely to develop lymphedema than white women, as were women who received chemotherapy before surgery, rather than after surgery. Read more...


  • blah333
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    I believe it, because Black and Hispanic women are more likely to be on Medicaid. I am a white woman, low income - just had DCIS and only two lymph nodes removed and I'm totally screwed over because I only had access to an educational hospital and in inexperienced POS that removed my two nodes. I also don't have proper access to anyone who can help me resolve my issue. When I go to my breast clinic I'm always one of the only white people there. They should do a study seeing if women who go to educational hospitals are at a higher risk. My doctor made a lot of mistakes. Yes I'm bitter. Income level is a factor, no dobut about it.