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had a second biopsy done few months after the first...

jenna2500 Member Posts: 6

hello everyone. I just got a 2nd biopsy done and it showed scattered atypical ductal the anterior portion of the breast. i have an 9mm tumor in the same breast too...which they found in the first biopsy. So now they have to take more tissue out, if doing a lumpectomy. Is a lumpectomy still ok to do? I'm about a 32C. i dont know how it will look and all......and plus the 4 weeks of radiation.

Did anyone regret doing a lumpectomy? or mastectomy? thoughts and any experiences greatly appreciated!


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    Hi jenna2500, and welcome to

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    While you wait for some responses from our helpful members (weekends tend to be a little quieter around here), you may be interested in this information from the main site:

    Mastectomy vs. Lumpectomy, including info on deciding factors, advantages and disadvantages of each, and how to make a decision.

    And also this helpful post/thread: Considerations: Lumpectomy w/Rads vs. UMX vs. BMX

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  • parakeetsrule
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    Whether it's okay to do is up to you and your doctor. If they haven't told you, ask them about your risk of recurrence with each type of treatment. If you are still on the fence or the recurrence risk is the same either way, I would opt for the choice that leaves you with the most future options. In this case, that would be a lumpectomy because if you don't like the results you can always have recon or do a mastectomy later. You don't want to choose mastectomy and then regret not doing a lumpectomy because you can't undo it!