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Mammogram tomorrow

chatterb Member Posts: 1
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hi, I’m 31 with 3 kids. My youngest being nearly a year old. I’ve had a sore on my breast for about 5 months that won’t heal. I Honestly thought nothing of it until I was giving myself a self exam and felt a spiky lump/thickening in my lower inner breast. I called the dr the next day and I have a mammogram set up for tomorrow and a derma appt for two months from now. I’ve been checking myself for further breast changed and also noticed a few moles underneath my breast that I hadn’t noticed before. I logically know the chance of this being breast cancer is super low, especially with the placement, but I can’t help but be worried. My husband is acting like I’m crazy and not even mentioning it. But how can I ignore everything and pretend it’s not happening?


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    Dear chatterb,

    We are so sorry that these changes in your breast health have brought you here. We are glad that you reached out. Most of our members here will say that it is perfectly normal to worry about new breast symptoms that don't quickly resolve themselves. You are doing the right thing by contacting your doctor and following through with the mammogram. Follow up with your doctor will be helpful regardless of the results of the mammogram so that you can get to the bottom of your symptoms and learn their cause. Perhaps your primary can intervene to move up your dermatology appointment if that might be indicated. Keep us posted on how things go tomorrow and what you learn. We are here to help you to get connected to support and information that might be a help to you.

    The MOds

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    Chatterb kudos to you for doing your breast self exams and watching over your health. You are now taking the proper steps to take care of yourself and that is important for you and your children. Please update us as to how things go.