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Lung Nodule

At has been 5 years since my diagnosis and treatment. I recently had a CT due to some smelling in my armpit and they found a 3mm lung nodule in my right lower lobe. This is a new finding that wasn't there 8 months ago. My Dr said it is to small to biopsy and could be inflammation. I have a repeat CT in 3 months to see if it grows. Has anybody had a new growth in their lung that isn't cancer? Concerned and trying not to uber focus on it but 3 months seems so far away.


  • maggie15
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    Gameoniwin, I also have an "indeterminate" 4mm lung nodule in my right lower lobe. I was referred to a pulmonologist by my RO when I developed late stage radiation pneumonitis causing lung fibrosis. The pulmonologist thinks that the nodule is one result of all the inflammation which was treated by corticosteroids. He told me the risk of cancer is very low for a nodule of that size. They don't recommend biopsy until it is bigger than 8mm. He scheduled my next surveillance CT for a year and said not to worry unless I develop early symptoms of lung cancer (worsening of the cough I already have due to fibrosis, coughing up blood, unexplained weight loss.) Hopefully yours was caused by inflammation from an infection or environmental irritant.

  • alicebastable
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    I had nodules, scar tissue, and some other lung crud show up after my lumpectomy and radiation in 2018. Some of it has remained stable, some has shrunk. I've had several CTS in the last 4 years to follow an unrelated issue, and not every radiologist lists everything they see, especially if it's something pretty minor. So it doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't there before. And my oncologist told me most people have minor things in their lungs that have accumulated over the years. Once you and your doctors know it's there, they just keep an eye on it.

  • divinemrsm
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    gameon, I get several CT (and bone) scans a year. A few small nodules have been reported in my lungs, 5 mm and smaller. In early 2021 before the vaccine came out, I had a horrible case of Covid with the bad cough, although I wasn’t hospitalized. I gradually got better, the cough went away. A few months after that, I had a CT scan which showed several of the lung nodules increased by a few small mms. My oncologist said it was something to monitor but not something that could be biopsied as they were still very small. I asked if my case of Covid might have affected them and she really could not give a definitive answer. ( Personally, I think yes.) Well, I’ve had several ct scans since then and the nodules remain stable.

    I do my best to stay away from Dr. Google, but I did look up some things on lung nodules and from what I can tell, small ones are common. I can easily understand your concern. The way I deal with uncertain situations like yours is to focus on living and doing things I like and finding things to look forward to like a day trip or a new purchase or a visit with a friend or trying a new restaurant. Yes, it’s distraction but for me it works. Three months go fast, even tho right now it seems like a long time.Take some deep breaths. I am hoping for all good things for you.