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Letrozole side effects: numb hands?


I started Letrozole (after 5 yr on Tamoxifen) last Fall, almost a year ago. First few months side effects were much like on Tamoxifen, hot flashes, tiredness, nothing too bad. Then, in March, about 6 months in, hand joints started acting up, and progressively now my fingers are stiff and painful, also feet and knees are getting there. Now, my question to you: has anyone experienced severe numbness of hands? My hands get so numb when I’m sleeping or driving that it’s scary, it takes hours to return to normal, and today (10PM now) my both hands are still tingling since being completely numb during last night. This is a recent (a month or so) development and I don’t know if it has anything to do with the medication. I do have an appointment with my oncologist in a month, but meanwhile I’d like to hear from you.