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Hair suddenly falling out, scalp skin lesions


I have not been able to access health care since a bilateral mastectomy in August 2020. I have taken jobs that did not have days off, trying to keep paying for rent and food, about to return to school for a third master's degree since I've only been able to find a little over minimum wage jobs here in California for the most part, without the ability to use health insurance. In any case, last week, my scalp started burning and I have had what an urgent care told me could be a "pre-cancerous" lesion near the scalp or at the scalp line and on my forehead (more than one spot). I went to urgent care because the scalp felt like it was on fire. Then, this week, my hair started falling out in large chunks, like a lot at a time, both yesterday and today. I don't seem to have bald spots yet, but I'm on the way there. Anyone ever have something like this? I had a margin of 4 mm to the chest wall and do not know if this is just a skin issue or something else. One scientific paper discusses scalp metastasis in "occult" or hidden DCIS metastisis, so I figured I could at least post and ask people who might know. I am about to be financially bankrupt due to inflation and wages not increasing to match prices or bills, and cannot work three jobs anymore physically or mentally.


  • serendipity09
    serendipity09 Member Posts: 769
    edited August 2022

    Karw41 - wow! I am sorry you are having to go through this. I've never had anything like what you have described other than my hair falling out from chemo, but I'm posting to bump this thread up in hopes of someone else who may have some knowledge to comment.

    My hopes are that it is not cancer and just stress. It saddens me to know that after everything you have been through that you are dealing with this. Please do what is right for you and take care of yourself. Breast cancer, and all cancer, takes so much from us.

    Sending you a hug and hoping that things get easier for you soon and that you get some answers.

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,945
    edited August 2022

    I've had lots of skin cancers, the low-grade basal cell types. My first one was found about a month after I had a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer. No connection except that I'm a cancer magnet. My skin ones have been on my face, not scalp, but I do get nasty dry patches on my scalp and my hair comes out if I scratch one. And as Serendipity09 said, stress is one of the common causes of hair falling out. It sounds like you have plenty to be stressed about in your life. Do you have a medical school nearby with clinics? Most of them have sliding scale fees for patients.