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Should I accept Mammogram results or push for further tests?

sas16419 Member Posts: 1
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I have lurked and read many of your posts over the past couple months. Here is my situation. I have a history of “busy breasts" as you call them. First Fibroadenomawhen I was only 22. Too many cysts to count over the years, one other biopsy, fibrocystic changes. I have heterogeneously dense breasts. Experienced Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) in my mid 30s, so took HRT for decades. Every Mammogram I'd be called back in for an ultrasounds, usually cysts. My risk factor is low due to no family history. I missed my regular screening Mammogram for a few years due to Covid and moving. I quit doing self exams because of my numerous cysts, every time there would be a new lump, and I had too many false alarms, I finally scheduled a screening Mammogram that was overdue, and felt some tissue that felt different, very lumpy and hard, under my. left nipple area, but not a distinct lump. It took 2:weeks to get the Mammo results back, because I had moved, they needed my prior scans. To my surprise, my Mammo came back as BIRADS 1. I've never not been called back in. But I did cease HRT a few years ago, Im 59, btw. While I was waiting for,results, I started noticing other 'Symptoms'. Tenderness in left armpit, tingling, sensitivity in the left nipple, increased veins, and a couple of tender spots in the outer side of the left breast, where lymph nodes are, but no palpable swollen lymph notes. I looked at the Mammo images, and the density is is in the same area I feel the lumpiness. I read that regular Mammograms miss 1/8 cancers. I'll be having my regular physical with new PCP in the next month, do I push for follow up US or imaging Even though I'd be paying out of pocket? I do suffer from anxiety which has presented as physical pain, and endured one unnecessary major surgery because I was convinced there was something wrong and CT scans showed an abnormality radiologists thought was pancreatic cancer, which turned out to be nothing. Just not sure how to proceed. Thanks for your time. Bless you all.


  • jelson
    jelson Member Posts: 622
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    sas16419- sorry you have these concerns. I think it is reasonable to talk with your new PCP about a follow-up ultrasound, if not immediately, then in a few months. At this first appointment I would not talk about your health anxiety or that your anxiety resulted in "unnecessary" surgery in the past. Your CT scans showed an abnormality which turned out to be benign. Your breast concerns sound legitimate to me, and I wouldn't want your new PCP's perception of you and your request for an ultrasound to be clouded by your belief that your anxiety has led to unnecessary medical procedures in the past.

  • abigails1
    abigails1 Member Posts: 4
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    Go for the testing. I, too, knew something was wrong and was told after a mammogram and an ultrasound that "everything was fine" and to come back in a year. One year later, the area I was concerned about had grown to 5.2 CM of invasive lobular cancer. The doctor said he didn't have me come back because it would have cost me another co-pay. I find it hard to forgive him.

  • elderberry
    elderberry Member Posts: 1,067
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    sas: if you have dense breast insist on an ultrasound. Up until recently in British Columbia patients weren't told whether they dense breasts or not. I had a completely clear mamo ONE year before my MBC DX. Mammo, self exams, physicals --- nothing showed up until it got big enough that practically overnight I suddenly could feel it. It might have been lurking there for years. Now dense breasts can get an ultrasound fairly promptly.

    abigails1: it was YOUR co-pay so why should the doctor care?