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26 with a lesion that has “irregular margins”

yosss Member Posts: 4
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I am a 26 year old mom of a 1 year old who is due to get a biopsy tomorrow for a lesion on my right breast. I was hoping to get some advice from others who might be or have been in the same situation.

Backstory: I've had a lump in my right breast for the past 5 years and had multiple ultrasound done previously that found it to be a “fibroadenoma" but after my baby i started noticing brown spots around my boob and a small hole & since my mother had breast cancer I decided to advocate to have another ultrasound. Last Thursday I was told I need to get a biopsy because the “margins were irregular."


Previously noted hypo echoic lesion at the right 6 o'clock position 3 cm from the nipple is demonstrated and corresponds the area palpable concern but appears more indistinct with margin irregularity, now considered suspicious, measuring 14 x 7 x 15 mm. There are no abnormal-appearing lymph nodes within the axilla.

Impressions: Indeterminate 1.5cm right

BIRADS 4: Suspicious

I have ready that BI-RADS 4 usually had a 70% benign probability but that if the lesion is palpable that makes the probability lower for a benign prognosis. Anybody have any experience with this


  • rah2464
    rah2464 Member Posts: 1,192
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    Yosss I cannot speak to the exact characteristics of the mass but wanted to give you my support. Good for you for continuing to watch yourself and advocate to get the care you deserve. I went through this process at the age of 30 back when the biopsy was excisional and I understand how heavy and frightening this can feel even though we all are told percentages are with being younger that all is benign. Didn't keep me from being anxious about it or wanting to get it done as soon as possible.

    Hope all goes well with the biopsy and all is benign. Since your mother had BC, I assume you are under the care of a specialist. Please let us know how things go.

  • moderators
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    Dear yosss, we are sorry that you are experiencing these changes, and they are causing you concern, but wanted to send you a warm welcome to the Community.

    Hopefully it won't be anything serious. There's no doubt it's scary, but try not to worry too much as many, many Birads 4 routinely comes back benign after a biopsy. If it helps, take a look at this thread For ALL Not Diagnosed Newbies: Imaging & Common Symptoms FAQs.

    Good luck. Please, come back to let us know how it all goes!

    The Mods

  • yosss
    yosss Member Posts: 4
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    Thank you for sharing your experience, I am unfortunately not under a specialist. I was given a referral for a follow-up ultrasound because I noticed some breast changes (dark brown spots around my breast) and my primary doctor assumed it was hormone changes from breastfeeding but I asked to have an ultrasound since my mother had BC.

  • yosss
    yosss Member Posts: 4
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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. The only update I have thus far is that my biopsy was done on Tuesday. The radiologist was hopeful it will be benign as she said the mass was very mobile, and had not changed in size at all in the past 5 years so fingers crossed that it does come back benign. I should have the results by Monday so I will post an update then!

    Thank you again.