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Bruise appeared above the lump for no reason and Im scared!

maltese01 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2022 in Not Diagnosed But Worried

hello! new member here

I'm 22 and about 2 months ago I found a new lump in my breast (I have/had a few fibroadenomas before, all confirmed by biopsy or surgery). It was close to the skin, and you could even see it if you knew where to look. I consulted it with a breast specialist and had an ultrasound, which found an oval shaped 19 mm hypoechoic mass. They said it looked like a fibroadenoma, but I need a biopsy to confirm that.

I'm still waiting for the biopsy appointment (2 weeks left), but 2 days ago an unexplained yellowish bruise appeared on the skin where the lump is. I don't remember hurting myself and the mass is right in the middle of the bruise so it looks like these things are related.
(and it has already started to heal a little so I think it's really a bruise, but I can always be wrong)

unfortunately it happened after seeing the doctor and I don't really have the opportunity to speak to my doctor right now

has anyone experienced random bruising due to some mass in the breast? anyone knows if there are any benign conditions that can cause brusing? if it is cancer, can it mean that i-dont-know the tumor fell apart/ruptured/got injuried somehow and now I'm more likley to get metastatis? is that even possible? should I do something about it? can I just wait for the biopsy? any experiences?

I'm very worried, I understand if some of my questions may be impossible to answer, but I just would be very thankful for any input

Thank you


  • quietgirl
    quietgirl Member Posts: 165
    edited August 2022

    if your u/s was recent I would have said that was the cause. I ended up with a serious one from an u/s (mostly because they couldn't find the area they were looking and spend a lot of time and pressure and I bruise easily since I'm on low dose aspirin) but mine was definitely noticeable the day after the u/s and still visible a week later at my biopsy (we had a conversation about it I don't think the radiologist was happy about it ).

    It's a concern so honestly I would talk to someone about it (whether it's nurse or someone from the u/s department) because it could just be a healing bruise but it's a concern for you so it's not stupid or silly to ask someone about. Especially since you have two weeks to go before your biopsy

    Hope it turns about to be a non issue.

  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 8,285
    edited August 2022

    We agree with quietgirl. Likely that the pushing down caused the bruising?!

    Please keep us posted. Glad you have a biopsy scheduled to ease your worries.

    We're here for you!