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New Indent + Worsening Pain/Symptoms Over Last Few Weeks

abeaglesnoseknows Member Posts: 4
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I originally posted this in the “Concerned About IBC Start Here" thread, but quickly deleted it and decided to post separately. I hope that's okay. I've also thought of some details I'd originally left out, so added those below as well.

I'm not sure if I should post here for this, but I am 29yo (30 in October), and started having right breast burning/pain similar to when I had a clogged ducts with breastfeeding that started around 3-4 weeks ago. Its since progressed to feel like heaviness, intermittent burning/itching (including some burning and itching on my nipple), and pain in my armpit. I had seen an NP at my OBs office who told me it's likely hormonal pain, but she'd order a diagnostic 3D mammogram, which I had scheduled for the following day. When I got there the machine was actually broken so I had an ultrasound instead (clear).

The next day however I did notice a small indent forming on the side of my breast where the pain was the worst (this was earlier this week). I could really only see it in the mirror and not from above at the time, and even a couple of days ago. Today though I noticed it's bigger, and I CAN see it when I look down. That's where the pain/heaviness has been the worst and also where my husband has said he's felt like my breast feels different and "heavier". I also noticed I'm now having pulling or ripple at my areola from where it seems like the indent is pulling it maybe?

I also newly noticed tonight that I'm getting deep pitting stretch mark looking marks coming down on to my breast further and further but some do almost look more like pits than lines. This is happening around the indent.

I don't have a rash that I've noticed though, but again, today I just noticed a pink discoloration on the same side of my right breast where the burning pain is the worst and the indent is..

All of these changes are happening so rapidly in just the matter of weeks and are all localized to my right breast. I did message my OB back to push for the 3D mammogram just for peace of mind if anything and they have placed a referral to the breast clinic at my hospital instead so they can decide how to move forward and if I need the mammogram, or what next steps should be. I was hoping to get further insight from my OB, but they had sent my questions to the NP I saw and her response was essentially since the ultrasound was fine she didn't think I needed anything further, so she'd just place the referral for the breast clinic “if you want to" and “they can decide". Their first available appt was 9/7, but I may reach out and just let them know know about the changes I'm seeing sometime in the next week.

I do have family hx on both maternal and paternal sides of my family (secondary family members, but of note, my dads mom was younger and unfortunately passed away younger and my moms mom was post-menopausal and every woman on my moms side has gotten BC post-menopausal). Because of that they did order genetic testing for me as well, so that appointment is the 29th.


  • rah2464
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    abeagles it sounds like you have something happening that is not resolving and is getting a little worse so I think a very good idea to call the breast clinic and push for a quicker appointment. Even if it turns out to be a clogged duct, thats ok you are simply taking care of yourself and preventing an infection from getting worse. I hope you get in quickly and get to the bottom of this issue. Please update on how you are doing.

  • abeaglesnoseknows
    abeaglesnoseknows Member Posts: 4
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    Hi rah,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I absolutely will. I’ve been fully weaned/haven’t produced milk since late June/early July 2021, so that’s why this feeling has been so puzzling to me, and now the external changes too. I do think I’ll try to get in sooner just in case there is an infection causing such rapid changes so that can be caught and taken care of.

    I looked up the specialist they referred me to and she has 5 stars with all raving reviews. She’s actually a surgeon who’s specialty is surgical breast oncology, so it seems any puzzling cases to get sent on to her for review as well. I really hope she can help me figure out the underlying cause of this, and in the meantime I’m doing my best to take notes of my new symptoms/onset and even photos as things change externally for her to see.

  • abeaglesnoseknows
    abeaglesnoseknows Member Posts: 4
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    I did want to post a mini update. With the continued changes I contacted the Breast Center and they have moved my appointment up one week to next Wednesday now. Hopefully one week closer to some answers!

  • sammygirlindia
    sammygirlindia Member Posts: 2
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    Hi - just so that it helps. I had a tomosynthesis mammogram (focal asymmetry found) which was cleared as glandular tissue by ultrasound in June. In August(this month) I found like a dimple on my areola when I flex with my hands on the hip. Went back to the surgeon who said it was nothing and since I had imaging done just 2 months back she does not see a need to do it again - was probably there before but I did not notice it. Hope your mammogram is clear !