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Bone metastasis or osteoporosis - very anxious waiting

believe60 Member Posts: 86

I was diagnosed with stage 1a, grade 3, er+, pr-, her2- BC in August 2020. 1 of 4 nodes with a micromet, others clean. Had a double masectomy and 4 rounds of DD AC and 4 rounds of DD taxol. I have been on arimidex ever since. As someone on the taller and thinner side I have always had back issues. Now I have a fractured lumbar spine and the scan report says “concerning for metastatic disease”. I have a PET scan coming up. I am just devastated how fast this has happened if it is metastatic. I tried so hard to do everything they told me to. My MO won’t commit to anything till the scan and biopsy.

I guess I am wondering if anyone has ever had a bone biopsy come back negative. I am trying so hard to stay afloat, hold on and enjoy the many blessings in my life.

Thank you all for this wonderful community.



  • meow13
    meow13 Member Posts: 1,363
    edited September 2022

    I hope it turns out to be nothing, did you have alot of pain? I had 2 tumors one ILC the other IDC, stage 1 also er+ and pr- her2- no node involvement. I had some back pain about 5 years after diagnosis but MRI showed no metastasis.

    Sending good vibes your way.

    Could be the AI medication weaken the bones.

  • believe60
    believe60 Member Posts: 86
    edited September 2022

    thank you so much for replying. The pain was overwhelming enough that I went to the ER. Three times. I think it’s the fracture that helps make it seem like cancer has weakened the bone. I never thought I would pray for osteoporosis, but here I am. Just a lot of waiting now for the next tests.

    I guess I was wondering if anyone ever got as far as a bone biopsy but had it not be cancer. Maybe I should try different forums? This is my second or third time posting so not very savvy with the site.

    Thank you. I hope you are doing well. Bring on the fall weather