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Nivolumab - anyone tried this immunotherapy?

FTNBC_1980 Member Posts: 3

I was on keytruda during my chemo (AC-T) but had to stop after 2 doses due to a prolonged fever and elevated heart rate, which apparently is a rare side effect. Now I'm done with chemo and radiation, my Onc wants me to try another PD-1 immunotherapy drug called Nivolumab. I see it's not yet FDA approved for breast cancer, but there are trials and some research out there.

My chemo was done adjuvant only, as my initial diagnosis per biopsy was DCIS, it wasn't until after pathology from surgery that they discovered IDC/triple negative cancer. So at this point I need to make a decision whether to go on Nivolumab or not. I feel much better now post chemo/radiation, but have lost about 10% of my weight and struggling to gain my weight back. Has anyone had experiences with this new immunotherapy?

Thank you all and hope you're doing well.