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Mets to Liver


I have recently been diagnosed to mets to my liver. I am scared and have problems eating


  • paddlinlou
    paddlinlou Member Posts: 11

    Hi frenchgirl68,

    I also was recently diagnosed with mets to liver. It is very frightening but I have been encouraged by oncologist and the response of this forum that this is manageable. The new drugs and treatments available and the new drugs in trials will help us.
    Do you have a treatment plan yet? Is surgery an option? I say this bc my lesion is 1 inch and only in liver so I am undergoing liver ablation Friday. I have already started on Faslodex injection s and will start Riciclobid after I recover.

    You got this! Let’s stay in touch!


  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,404

    Louise—it appears that frenchgirl has not been back to the forum since October 2022, so she probably won't respond. There is an existing thread on liver mets on the forum that has a more active participation. Sorry to hear of your progression.