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Interesting conversation with RO concerning follow up


So had a 6 month appt with RO which honestly I’m not sure why but in the back of my head I thought she would just say looks good, have a nice life 🤪. So at the end as we were discussing when I was seeing the BS and MO again (in December), she told me the “plan” was her to follow me for the next two years but since the BS and MO would continue to follow me every 6 months appts with her would be every 6 months starting 3 months after I see the others. (Because in her opinion which makes perfect sense, it would be pointless to see everyone at the same time. And I won’t hurt her feelings if I have to move a scheduled appointment with her to maintain seeing someone every 3 months). Now she did say one diagnosis mammogram a year (but again if I’m seeing someone every 3 months if something is concerning that would change). She said some people question the once a year but it will never be the typical screening mammogram but always a diagnosis one (which translates to always having to pay something I’m sure) but also means that I won’t leave till they get all the pictures they want and that if I need an ultrasound it would happen immediately. Her exact words were You will know everything you need to know before you leave the building. In other words if I ever need another biopsy it would be scheduled before I walk out the door). Of course this means I will have to continue to deal with her nurse who just annoys me for some reason I can’t put my finger on. Obviously I will continue to see the MO until I stop taking an AI but we shall see what the BS says in terms of how long I see her (even if the RO gave me the impression that she will be the first one who released me from monitoring who knows). Either way RO is as through as she always has been so I’m fine seeing her agai


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    The follow-up schedule varies a lot. My RO doesn't see patients after the last session unless a problem pops up. My BS saw me every six months for three years, now it's yearly after my mammogram. Next year will be five years and it's my last appointment with the BS unless I have a mammogram with issues. I see my MO every six months; I don't know if that will end or change at the five year point or not. I've had other cancers, so she may keep me on for a while - the BS indicated the MO keeps patients until she's overbooked or the patient just stops going. It's probably different for different doctors.