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The endless wait: MRI last week, US/biopsy tomorrow

lotusninja Member Posts: 3
edited October 2022 in Waiting for Test Results

Hey everyone. I had a breast mri on Friday(w and w/o contrast) and have an ultrasound guided biopsy schedule on Monday at the hospital. Waiting for "MRI day" was hard but waiting for the results is so much harder! This feels like the longest weekend ever. Sigh

Let me back up and give some background. I'm 38 and just before my 37th birthday I noticed focal pain on the left side of my left breast. Something felt off so I talked to my doc about it. We did a wait & see, found that it was NOT cyclical and the standard advice didn't help (I stopped caffeine, got new bras, started primrose oil, etc). So, I had a mammogram (came back normal).

It was chalked up to natural breast changes. At the time, neither the doc or I could feel a lump.

The focal pain never truly went away so I learned to live with it until 2-3 months ago it became far more pronounced, same spot on my left breast only but radiated out more this time. I met with a new doctor who immediate felt something on my anterior axillary. She wrote an order for an ultrasound…

When I went for the ultrasound, the hospital refused to do it and instead did another mammogram (normal, again). Stupid protocols because of my age. My doc referred me to a breast surgeon/cancer specialist at the Hopital. That breast specialist appointment was mind blowing. She actually took me seriously and talked to me about lobular breast cancer, immediately wrote orders for an MRI and ultrasound guided biopsy.

I got a disk with my MRI images right on the spot, but no report yet. Tomorrow is my big ultrasound / biopsy day.

I've never felt so unsettled and in a "gray zone". I know nothing I can do will change what May or May Not be in my body right now.

Now I'm waiting for 1) the mri results, 2) to have this ultrasound and biopsy to happen tomorrow, and 3) will be waiting for the results of everything tomorrow!

I have barely been able to concentrate at work the last 2 weeks and now feel like I’m in the “home stretch” just to get a first real answer. Lots of family fun time, wine and cooking but I’m so anxious. Does anything REALLY help this waiting game?

I feel awkwardly calm and convinced this will come back as early stage and manageable BC, but I just want to know already so I can get this all going!

That may sound weird, but I’m just ready to get life in motion with whatever this is.


  • believe60
    believe60 Member Posts: 86
    edited October 2022

    Hi lotusninja, I certainly feel your anxiety on this one! My breast pain started in spring 2019. I often walk our 105 pound dog so chalked it up to chest muscle pull. But mentioned at my June gyn annual and got sent for a mammogram. Got called back for a diagnostic mammogram for that side and thought oh I’ll get an answer! Nope. Was told nothing there. Went back in November cause pain still there. Sent to a breast surgeon for a sonogram. Again, nothing, just extra fluid was his diagnosis. Early 2020 Covid hits and I stop focusing on breast pain. But by June 2020 that breast was larger. Back to surgeon and this time got a biopsy. And the Rest is history. It did not help that so many people tried to make me feel better by saying breast cancer wouldn’t cause pain! I have learned to just live with the serenity prayer thing about accepting what I can’t control. But there is a lot you can control, like being a strong advocate for yourself! I am a much better advocate/questioner than I was before. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! And get second opinions. hoping for all the best for you. Lots of family fun time is my favorite coping strategy too! Truly it sounds like you are handling this waiting game the best anyone possibly can. Some unknowns are scarier than others. Take care of yourself.

  • lotusninja
    lotusninja Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2022

    update: my MRI was negative!

    And because of that, the hospital wouldn't complete my ultrasound or do any biopsy. Even though my US guided biopsy order includes notation foranything clinically reasonable and palpable that didn't appear of a scan. A radiologist came in the room, told me my MRI results, was rude like I was wasted his time, told me to get fitted for a better bra, and did the US on oneee part of my axillary tail, didn't listen as I tried to show wear my on/off pain was, and sent me on my way. It was actually a very negative experience and made me feel stupid and confused, yet again, in all this.

    I had a previous bad experience at this hospital but scheduled with them because of a sooner opening. At this point I don't even know if I should go elsewhere for my “comprehensive ultrasound" since the mri was negative. I don't want to seem cancer obsessed.

    So good news! but wow was this frustrating and leaving me feel both confused and dismissed.

  • alicebastable
    alicebastable Member Posts: 1,924
    edited October 2022

    Well, they can't do a biopsy unless there's a place shown on the scan to aim for. But I'm sorry they were abrupt about giving you that information.

  • lotusninja
    lotusninja Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2022

    true! And I totally get that.

    Was just a crappy experience and I was still surprised by them not even wanting to do a comprehensive US but I do get that with a clear MRI i they felt it was a waste of their time. Lack of bedside manner is very impactful in, what for me, was a stressful waiting game and wanting to understand what’s happening in my body.

    Feeling blessed by the clear MRI but just hoped to have a better, and well communicated, resolution to 2 months of wild stress between doc after doc.