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Stable lesion- should I be pressing for more answers?

marnia Member Posts: 7
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Hi there,

I'm wondering if I need to press my physician for additional testing…

39/F with elevated risk for bc. A year ago I started a preventive path of a mammogram and MRI 1x yearly.

My 1st MRI 8 months ago showed a probably benign lesion on left breast. Two mammograms and a follow up US later did not pick anything up. However I had a follow up MRI recently and the lesion is still there. My doctor relayed results with a note that stated it was stable and to recheck via MRI in 6 months. I do have breast pin in the side of my left breast. The dr suggested changing bras. I did and that helped a little but still experience somepain.

Should I push for additional testing?

Here are my most recent MRI results (MRI 2 of 2):


mount of fibroglandular tissue:Scattered fibroglandular tissue

Background parenchymal enhancement: There is mild background parenchymal enhancement in the left breast

No new suspicious mass or suspicious area of enhancement.

Again noted is a stable approximately 1.1 cm persistently enhancing oval T2 hyperintense mass at 3:00 just lateral to the central nipple line, axial image 69/104 and sagittal image 28/66.

There are several foci of progressive enhancement within the breast which are without significant interval change.

The nipple and dermis are unremarkable.

There is no axillary lymphadenopathy.


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 1,059
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    marnia: Cancer grows, so if a lesion is stable it is probably benign. It looks like your doctor is keeping a careful eye on it by repeating the MRI in six months. The next type of test would be a biopsy which is invasive and causes some bruising, swelling and pain, so your doctor probably wants to wait until that is warranted. I hope that lesion stays stable for a long time.

  • marnia
    marnia Member Posts: 7
    edited October 2022

    Maggie, thanks so much for the response. I appreciate it