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Why is a lump so terrifying?

tadams1129 Member Posts: 7
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Hello friends, I’m new here. My story is a long one so I’ll start with the latest update. This entire progress has only been less than two weeks.

*As of Thursday the 13th, I finally got my appointment for my 3D diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. Would any of you mind sharing which quadrant yours was found? My lump of focus is in my left lower quadrant, subareolar. My doctor says it's firm, non-tender, seems soft and round on top but possibly deeper and spreads out. Hard to palate the borders.

Do y'all suggest I ask for a biopsy or needle aspiration?

*As of last Wednesday - I honestly have no clue how long this lump has been in my breast, in the areola area. I noticed it months ago, but no pain means it was out of mind. It wasn't noticeable to the human eye, just during a self exam in the shower. Appointment for an exam made.

That appointment was last Wednesday. I didn't even check the lump since I first found it, so I told the doctor I could point it out if she wanted. As soon as I laid down and raised my arm, she said I didn't have to. She could see it. She said she could also see skin changes, but didn't mention what they were. I think she was trying to keep me from freaking out. She examined my left breast first, said it was very dense and she could feel a lot of cysts. The left breast is tender a lot, and I know it's because of having fibrocystic breasts since I was in my 20s. There's substance there, but nothing alarming or hard. My right side, she said she can't really tell the texture, seems smooth on top but ridgy on the sides. To me, it feels like a rock. She can't actually grab it. It's not moving. She can't tell how deep it goes. Thursday, the rib area where my right breast lays, is very tender. Feels bruised to the point I had to take my bra off. The pain leads into my right armpit. I look in the mirror and I can physically see the lump, and the skin looks very lightly bruised, or the lump has a bluish purple tint. I also have finger like little purple veins I've never seen before, going in the direction of the lump. The right half of my areola where the lump is, the color is missing. Looks like I have half an areola. The color of my nipple is lighter than my left. It literally looks like have the breast of two different women.

I'm being super positive about this, but I'm calmly scared, if that makes sense. I've dealt with brain tumors, a craniotomy, multiple surgeries on my head, crippling migraines daily, epilepsy…on top of that, my mom told me that she has had precancerous tumors removed her entire life. I should have known that, but we haven't really seen much of each other since I was a teenager.

Anyways, thank you for reading my extremely long rant. All of this really started and I have no one else to talk to about this without sounding ridiculous. 🥲🙏🏻♥️


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    Hi there, tadams1129. We’re so sorry you find yourself here with this worry! We know how scary this can be, particularly considering what you’ve already been through. We’re glad you were able to get an appointment, and that the results are favorable. Please keep us posted!

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  • parakeetsrule
    parakeetsrule Member Posts: 605
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    You've been through a lot! And yes, lumps are scary. You won't need to ask for a biopsy. They will do the scans and based on what they see, they will send you for a biopsy next if necessary.

    This all sucks and waiting to find out what's going on is the worst! Hopefully you get some answers soon!
  • tadams1129
    tadams1129 Member Posts: 7
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    Thank you, everyone. Monday can’t get here soon enough.

  • purplecat
    purplecat Member Posts: 191
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    I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this, especially after all you’ve been through already.The waiting is truly the worst part. So many of us have been there. Let us know how it goes.

  • lw422
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    Lumps are terrifying because they can be The Thing That Changes Your Life Forever. We've all been through the terror and I hate that you are having to go through it, too. Hoping for the very best possible outcome for you.

  • tadams1129
    tadams1129 Member Posts: 7
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    I’m hopeful, but nervous. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.