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Please share your experience. I’m terrified, but calm

tadams1129 Member Posts: 7
edited October 2022 in Waiting for Test Results
Good morning. I go in today for my diagnostic 3D mammogram and ultrasound for this lump in the 7:00 - 8:00 subareolar area in my right breast. Did/does anyone else have a lump in this area? Did it end up just being a fibroadenoma? Fingers crossed due to it being in the lower outer quadrant. Thank you, friends!


  • lw422
    lw422 Member Posts: 1,375
    edited October 2022

    I hope all went well and you don't have to wait long for results. I have not had a lump in that area but I know how hard it can be to go through the testing and waiting. My best to you.

  • tadams1129
    tadams1129 Member Posts: 7
    edited October 2022

    thank you! I have a biopsy tomorrow. The radiologist came in and looked again, said it looks like a cyst, but has some debris in it. It’s pretty solid, so we’ll see! :)

  • purplecat
    purplecat Member Posts: 224
    edited October 2022

    I did have a fibroadenoma in that area once. It sounds like it’s not anything that screams trouble, but it’s good you’re getting it biopsied so you can know for sure. Hang in there!