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BlRADS 4A, biopsy pending results

tadams1129 Member Posts: 7
edited October 2022 in Waiting for Test Results

Just had my biopsy done on this complex cyst this morning. It's rated a Bi-rads 4A, so I'm not concerned. I was able to see photos of the area and it doesn't look like a normal black circle. It's more oval, with what looks like walls and other junk just floating around; they are labeling it a multiseptate complex cyst with associated vascularity. I got to watch the guided core biopsy and while the cyst seemed to collapse after the first pass through, he still took two tissue samples due to the complexity. It's been hours, but I can definitely still feel a lump there. I shouldn't still feel a lump if the cyst collapsed, right?

Did anyone else have a complex cyst biopsied and it turn out to be more than just a cyst?


  • brinkofeternity
    brinkofeternity Member Posts: 181
    edited October 2022

    That can just be a hematoma, which should go away after a couple weeks. I had one for a few weeks after my biopsy.