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ILC MRI results, answers please

lioness78 Member Posts: 1

Hello all,

Yep, the sneaky ILC. Mine is 1.9 cm mass, lumpectomy scheduled. Sent to get MRI for a "better look". No lymph node involvement but some "subcentimeter" nodes and linear enhancement throughout breast. The rad doc recommended follow up ultrasound of full breast and if no correlates a MR guided biopsy of 1 of 2 nodes if it will affect surgical management. Sounds like there may be more in there. Right breast is clean. I am hoping this doesn't change the surgery date as they may want to look at the other two. Being as small as they are couldn't the surgeon just remove them during surgery for the big guy. It also says it may be multifocal and suspicious of being multicentric. Anyone with a similar story? I am leaning towards just removing the whole thing..😔