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jennikayjul Member Posts: 2
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so I’m 42 and freaking out! I have had three annual mammograms since 2018 and all fine. Went to my annual yesterday and got the results uploaded to MyChart that I need to go for a diagnostic on left breast due to “segmental calcifications on left lower inside breast”. Googling seems to tell me that segmental is the worst kind of calcifications and I’m assuming that this will be bad news. I go on Monday at 1 for the diagnostic and I’ll literally losing it over here. Anyone been through this? Thank you.


  • quietgirl
    quietgirl Member Posts: 164
    edited October 2022

    you have to remember that most people who are here for the long haul did end up with cancer so happy stories about calcifications are probably going to be less likely than if you ask 100 random women you know. For some people Google is a good thing, it makes them feel in control and that they have knowledge. For others googling just leads you down a twist path of worry and anxiety and doesn't help you at all.

    Here's the thing sometimes is not always and segmental alone doesn't determine a thing. Other things factor in. Personally I love mychart but that's me because at this stage in my life and various health issues I like to stay on top of things. But I think for many people having the information can cause worry about things that are so beyond their control it doesn't help them. So don't assume you have cancer before someone tells you you do. Oh I know it's a pain in the butt to try to not focus on the what ifs but at this point it either is or it isn't an issue and you can't change that. So give yourself some self care over the weekend and don't let Google steal your weekend from you. And if you come out of this on the not so nice side of things know that that there are plenty of people here to support you thru this. And know that none of us want you to come out on that side. Sending you positive thoughts and vibes and prayers and energy (whatever fits you lifestyle ) for Monday and beyond.

  • sunflowersister
    sunflowersister Member Posts: 1
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    Yes I'm actually going through it right now. Calcification did end up being Invasive Ductal Carcinoma... breast cancer which was diagnosed 10/11/22. I'm getting ready for surgery Friday. one piece of advice i received from my surgeon was to not make decisions or react at points where we didnt have all the information we needed (ie, testing, blood, MRI etc). in my mind at first i was going straight to chemo, but thats not the case. i then resolved to be calm for my own peace of mind and my family's, and take it one step/test at a time. it turns out what i have is what 80% of women with BC get, its highly operable, treatable, curable. So was i lucky with the initial diagnosis? No. am i lucky with the type of cancer and plan? so far, yes. Long story short - try not to stress about what you dont know to be a fact yet. And know that if it in fact is what you fear, take it one step at a time and know that there are so many success stories out there and women living in remission - its not an automatic death sentence. the proof is all the people on this site, statistics... i do understand the stress of not knowing - my unknown at the moment is whether it got to the lymph nodes. But, one step at a time. Good luck though, i hope your diagnosis is negative.

  • jennikayjul
    jennikayjul Member Posts: 2
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    I’m so sorry to hear this. Was that all they saw on the mammogram was calcifications? I go Monday for the diagnostic. I’m trying to not worry but it’s not easy at all. That was very fast from diagnosis for you to surgery. I pray all stays well for you and please keep us posted how you are after surgery etc

  • thegen37
    thegen37 Member Posts: 1
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    hi sunflowersister, did your mammogram show up a lot of calcifications?