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Hi, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I have not been officially diagnosed but I most likely have HR+ breast cancer. I also have a serious history of depression. Tamoxifen interacts with my medications. I understand that ovarian function needs to be suppressed in pre-menopausal women which is why aromatase inhibitors are not recommended as first line therapy. But if my ovarian are dysfunctional anyway, would I need ovarian suppression? I will ask my dr. Unfortunately, not very many are familiar with PCOS. I would love to hear from anyone else’s e


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    Hi snowcat0605, and sorry you find yourself here. This is a really good question, and we do hope you find a doctor (or team of doctors) who can help you navigate these different variables. When do you find out the results of if/what type of breast cancer you may have? Going to a comprehensive cancer center for an opinion would be recommended, to figure out the best treatment course for your situation. We're here for you, and hopefully some others chime in.

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    I think one of the issues would be that dysfunctional is not the same as suppression. One of the reason that AI are not the first choice for premenopausal women is that they don't stop whatever estrogen the ovaries are producing. With PCOS the number of follicles each month is more than average not less so estrogen is for most women still at a normal level (and yes I had to look that up).

    With all that being said the role of your MO in the process is to help with the medication side of things. So hopefully he or she can explore other choices or combinations of meds (there are other medications used for ovarian suppression such as Lupron in other medical situations for example whether that and AI is a possible solution for you I don't know but certainly a good MO would explore options with you)

    edited to add there is a topic that might be of help not sure how active it is but it fit’s premenopausal women on ovarian suppressio

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    I just received it today. It’s mixed ductal & lobular. It’s a moderate grade. I’m meeting with my dr. On Friday to review. Thank you for a