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concerned about local recurrence

mmartha Member Posts: 2

This fall I noticed a lump on my scar. noticed it because I felt a tug at this spot when I was cleaning windows. I am in a quandry because my cancer did not show on MRI or mammogram. It did show up on ultrasound. I made an appt to talk to a surgeon who has researched lobular cancer. In the meantime, I had a yearly appt with primary care doctor. she ordered an ultrasound. This week I went to get the ultrasound and the imaging doctor would not do an ultrasound. she instead did a spot compression with mammogram which was negative. The lump was interpreted as a thickening of my scar with further "coarsening of the benign dystrophic calcification". After this mammogram, I learned that the surgeon cancelled my appt with her. I feel like I am in limbo right now, hoping this time the mammogram is not a false negative.