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"Atypical cells"

gsheartismom Member Posts: 1


My mom has been diagnosed with TNBC this month. She has performed surgery today and is expected to undergo chemo in a month. She went through MRI and PET that showed no involvement other than the primary tumor site.

Today the surgery occurred, and after finishing we were notified by the surgeon that they have not seen metastasis in the pathology during the surgery, but they did see some pathological atypical cells they need to ink a bit further in order to truly diagnose.

Me being a med student, I texted him asking for a clarification. He answered me "we did not see metastasis in the sentinel nodes that have been checked. The pathologies saw a distribution of atypical cells and cannot make a diagnosis without further inking of the specimen. Metastasis usually show up as an aggregate of cells. We'll have to wait for final results, but according to the macroscopic look and the PET it is possible its just nothing. Patience!"

Well, I agree with the patience bit, but if anyone had encountered that and understood what it meant/got an answer that it is metastasis/it is nothing/general inflammation/any more ideas you have, I'd love to hear. Thanks.


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    Hi gsheartismom, and welcome to

    We're so sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis, but we're really glad you've found us. You're sure to find our amazing Community an incredible source of advice, information, encouragement, and support -- we're all here for you and your mom!

    We don't have any answers for you, but hopefully someone will be by shortly to weigh in with their experience. In the meantime, if there's anything we can do to help, please let us know.

    --The Mods