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arimidex and carpal tunnel

My wrists are SO jacked up! Arimidex has caused such pain w Carpal Tunnel... both hands are completely numb alternating with shooting pains. Has anyone else experienced this? And if you have, what treatment avenues have you pursued? Outcome? Thanks in advance


  • MaineJen
    MaineJen Member Posts: 148

    Hi - I’m just seeing this. I don’t come to this site often anymore but - since I’m changing meds again - for the fourth time - due to horrid side effects, I’m back here researching the meds and their impact. Saw your post just now: My carpal tunnel was caused directly by the arimidex - i didn’t have carpal tunnel before taking that med - and it was soooooooo horrible that I think I slept an hour or two a night. I was a mess and then changed to exemestane hoping that would help. It didn’t. It got worse - truly a disaster. I was in agony, and nothing helped - I tried everything - and anyway, I ended up having release surgery on both hands at once- I was that desperate - and then I changed meds again after that. Thank God the surgery gave me immediate relief. I don’t know what I would have done if it had not. I don’t understand why docs are surprised when Hearing about carpal tunnel and AI meds - I thought I was the only one with this nightmarish side effect and it turns out a lot of women get it from these meds. Carpal tunnel pain - when severe - is just as bad as the neuropathy from chemo (I found it even harder to cope with, actually, it was that severe for me). I hope this isn’t too upsetting - but I thought I should share that you really are having a side effect that is serious and make sure your team knows. I’m terrified of taking another AI now due to that experience. I wish you pain relief as soon as possible

  • jojo0529
    jojo0529 Member Posts: 56

    happened to me but after a week and an otc wrist brace it went away. I hope this happens for you.

  • clemmieluv
    clemmieluv Member Posts: 6

    Oh my gosh!! I HATE hearing this for you....but glad you got relief, Currently, I'm trying acupuncture...week 3? not helping. I'm afraid it's gonna be surgery for me, too. I'm in such pain and my hands are completely numb and dead....thank yu so much for your reply.

  • clemmieluv
    clemmieluv Member Posts: 6

    aww luck, I've been in braces for months. i'm afraid it's under the knife....again. xx