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Dentist appointment while on Herceptin?

sarahnh Member Posts: 105

Hi - has anyone had a dentist appointment, while on Herceptin, Perjeta, or Phesgo?

My chemo ended in April, but I'm on Phesgo until Feb. Phesgo is just injectible Herceptin plus Perjeta. I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday (checkup with cleaning). Just wondering whether anyone had any problems. Thanks!


  • dghoff
    dghoff Member Posts: 235

    Hi Sarahnh - I've been on Herceptin/Perjeta for seven years and just switched over to Phesgo last spring (I'm stage IV) and I go to the dentist regularly with absolutely no problems. I've even had a crown and root canal in that time. You should not have any issues with your dental visit. The only time you really have to be concerned is if you are on some kind of bone drugs like Xgeva or Fosamax and you may need to stop those before any invasive things like extractions or other deep dental work. Standard visits should be of no concern.

  • sarahnh
    sarahnh Member Posts: 105

    Thanks for your reply dghoff! It is reassuring to hear from someone who has already been through this.