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new/progressing lung nodules


I completed BC treatment a little over 3 years ago. An unrelated CT of my abdomen just reported my abdomen is clear, but "clustered nodularity along the inferior lingula which is new/progressed from prior" CT on same side as cancer. I've had a light cough that only rears its head when I lie down, and of course I over-searched lung mets a few months ago and everything noted "persistent cough" (which I don't have). They are recommending a CT of my chest for a better look.

Can anyone talk me off the ledge? I feel like I live in this constant state of wondering when my cancer will come back, which presents itself as GI ailments and constant headaches.

Thank you, all.


  • cookie54
    cookie54 Member Posts: 717

    Hi I'm sorry I'm totally understand the stress this causes! Don't know if I can talk you off the ledge or not but here is what I know. Only 5 percent of lung nodules are cancerous. These nodules can be also caused by an infection or inflammation even prior Covid also shows scarring in the lungs.

    We all understand how it is living in fear and it stinks! To focus on the positive I am glad it was picked up on the CT Abdomen. Now you will get the CT Chest to get a good look at the total lung field .Of course we don't need another finding to alarm us but so glad we have great technology to catch things as early as possible! Try to take this one step at a time and remember nothing has been confirmed as cancer. I know how hard it is but we can't change what is possibly there. However we can change the way we handle things. Sending hugs and positive vibes your way, always remain hopeful!

  • ms_anthrope
    ms_anthrope Member Posts: 9

    Thank you, Cookie! I have been researching like mad and appreciate your positive thoughts and comments.