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Has anyone been on Herceptin more than 15 years (or less)?

amontro Member Posts: 184

On and off this forum, I notice that many of you have been on Herceptin for a long time,

When I was first diagnosed denovo, I started out with Herceptin, so it's been 15 years for me on the same drug. I receive it now every three weeks, and I've taken arimedex/anastrazole every day all that time, too.

At the tine, I was led to believe that Herceptin was a relatively new drug. I wasn't given much time to live because they didn't know if it would work for long. Surprise! Surprise! i'm still here.

I hope this thread encourages other Stage 4s to hang in there and to realize there may be help for you with a new drug "just around the corner".

The only downside is that I have to start seeing a cardiologist because Herceptin is bad for the heart. So far, my cardio-sonograms and other tests have been good. I even remember having a nuclear heart test once which was a trip!

Thanks for joining in.

- Anna