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Premenopausal Tamoxifen Users Need Advice

ab45 Member Posts: 153

Hi All,

Are there any premenopausal tamoxifien users who have had very thick uterine lining and there was no fibroids or cysts? I am looking for your experiences and treatment outcomes please! I am scheduled for D&C and Hysterscopy next week. I am really nervous!

Thank you!!


  • ab45
    ab45 Member Posts: 153


  • moderators
    moderators Posts: 7,685

    Dear ab45,

    We're sorry you didn't get any responses to your post yet. Sometimes it's a bit slow during the weekend...

    We are bumping your thread in the hopes that someone experienced will come by and give you some advice.

    Good luck with surgery next week! Please, come back to let us know how it all goes.

    Best wishes,

    From the Mods

  • ab45
    ab45 Member Posts: 153

    Thanks Mods!!

  • illimae
    illimae Member Posts: 5,521

    ab45, I had mild thickening on Tamoxifen but stopped taking (I was switching treatment anyway), sorry I don’t have more relevant info. I did a quick search “uterine thickening” and found mentions on several threads, maybe try that, if you haven’t already. Good luck.

  • ab45
    ab45 Member Posts: 153

    Thanks, I think the threads were created by me :) I don't think I will find an answer here but if anyone has a similar experience in the future hopefully they will post here..Maybe by then, I can share my experience...Stay Well :)

  • momgoose
    momgoose Member Posts: 71

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