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Anyone have pCR with a lot of nodes?

ts4702 Member Posts: 5

I've got a lot of lymph nodes involved. Axillary and potentially in my L3 axillary as well. Anyone have pCR with a lot of nodes? I am TN as well. Or any long survival stories?


  • norcals
    norcals Member Posts: 208

    Hi ts4702.

    I believe Santabarbarian is a TN and had a lot of node involvement. She obtained PCR

  • AnnaMO
    AnnaMO Member Posts: 12

    Hi ts4702. It's been 8 years since I was diagnosed. Another 7 years since my docs had me do chemo, surgery, and radiation. Let's see, I got to 'ring the bell' at my hospital to celebrate completion October 2016. Then, there was a few months o preventative treatment of more chemo since there were 5 lymph nodes with residual cancer.

    My doctors and I threw everything we could at cancer. I had debated radiation but the radiation doc asked "Why would you have all this treatment and not do radiation?" so it was done.

    Take care! PM me or post here if you have any other questions. Just a heads up, I'm a bit rusty with the acronyms. ;o)

  • dutchiegirl
    dutchiegirl Member Posts: 76

    I was ER-, PR- and Her2+ with 6 positive nodes. My diagnosis was 4 and a half years ago and I'm doing well! My mom had 13 positive nodes in 1998 and just turned 82 last year. It's very possible to have a PCR even with a lot of node involvement. Best of luck to you!