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After menopause…


post hormone + breast cancer, and post menopausal - along with the weight gain and joint pain and all the wonderful things that go along with a hormone depleted body —- how do you cope? I’m so sick of the weight (I’ve tried everything) and exercise Is challenging because joint and muscle pain along with fatigue. Is it possible to get your body back? How are you coping


  • monarchandthemilkweed

    hi Sophia Marie- Cancer treatment put me into menopause and then I had my ovaries out to further reduce my risk. Plus my sister has ovarian cancer. So here I am at 46. In menopause and now a cancer survivor. I’m also on arimidex. Pre cancer I still felt young. Post cancer I feel old. None of my friends are in menopause

    The things that help me the most is just walking. I try to walk as much as I can. And honestly just staying busy even if that’s errands or cooking. I do go to bed earlier than before like 8pm. And I’m up at 6. I don’t always sleep at 8. But I do need to be in bed resting or reading.

    Other than that I’m just determined to not let cancer take anymore from me than it already has. Besides me kids and husband, I work part time as a preschool teacher. I have a lot of hobbies. Mostly sewing or crafting.

    i understand the struggle. I have bad weeks. But I usually get back into the groove of things. Hope this helps

  • sophiamarie
    sophiamarie Member Posts: 60

    Monarchandthemilkweed im so sorry you have to experience this so young! It’s good you’re keeping so busy. I do lead a very busy life, but lately exercising has been difficult (everything hurts and no energy) but I should make an effort to walk more. I think what truly bothers me is the weight gain - I was very thin for a good part of my life, now just over into the obese category and have a gut - and everywhere I’m seeing info about how lack of estrogen and hormones causes post-menopausal belly fat. So crazy frustrating because I’d try hormone replacement in a minute if I hadn’t had hormone + cancer. No one understands how frustrating this all is unless they’ve gone through this.

  • thorium
    thorium Member Posts: 1

    Hello! I had a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction in 11/2022 and then a hysterectomy with oophorectomy 4/2023. Now I'm on Tamoxifen for 10 years to keep the estrogen away from the cancer cells.

    Wow! Instant menopause is a kicker!

  • spades2525
    spades2525 Member Posts: 47

    sophiamarie - I'm with you 100%. I have joint and bone pain and have gained a lot of belly fat. I was also dx with hr+ bc and am on anastrozole. I find it so challenging emotionally and physically!