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Collar Bone Bump

Hi,ladies. Seeking reassurance. Last night I found a bump on my collar bone, near the center of my chest. I was due for my yearly neck US (I have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck that just seem to hang around.) so when I called my Onc office, they offered to move up my US a couple of weeks to check out this new bump. It doesn’t feel rubbery like a lymph node, I’ve been feeling it all day so it’s sore now! 😬 I’ve been feeling so good, my tumor marker was the lowest it’s ever been at my last appt in August. I am staring down 5 years cancer free, and now this, Im crying, thinking the worst, of course, won’t get results until tomorrow at least. Appreciate you all.


  • maggie15
    maggie15 Member Posts: 844

    Heatherpsalm34-4, I had a hard lump appear in the same place. Ultrasound showed it was a large solid thyroid nodule which was benign on biopsy. I hope yours turns out to be something insignificant, too.